What's the rush? Hmm, good question...some good things are a LONG time coming! Crescent City guitarist Cranston Clements has logged in a hell of a lot of hours for almost everyone else both nationally and on the home front and has achieved considerable notoriety as one of the "go-to" guys for pretty much any situation or style. From New Orleans Funk to Blues, Trad, R&B, Rock, Swamp-Pop and Cajun, he has embraced it all with love, respect and integrity. Meanwhile he has been taking his own sweet time (actually, make that New Orleans Standard Time, as in "Relax already!!!") putting together some music of his own. Well, he's finally spent a long minute recording a collection of original guitar explorations, assembled under the (slightly sarcastic) title "What's The Rush?" [Translation: It's about damn time!!!] Please take a minute of YOUR time to check out why Cranston Clements is a household name in music circles throughout the Big Easy...and hey, no rush!