1. Wising Up

From the recording Falling Awake

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Learning from the past...


I used to look for answers from those who should have known
I would have done much better to find out on my own
I didn't realize that the big folks had it wrong
I was too busy learning how to lose what was mine all along
But now I'm wising up...moving on
Wising up...what's gone is gone

Sifting through the wreckage of my stimulated youth
dumping ashcans full of shadows til I stumbled on the truth
Joy lives in the present it's not locked up in the past
Stop waiting for tomorrow and live like each moment's your last
Wising up etc...

My laughter sounds convincing, my memory's impressed
but is it fun I'm having or is it Memorex?
This game of reproduction is not the living end
when a man stops creating the battle is over my friend
Wising up etc...