From the recording Falling Awake

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Harking back to an earlier Bush's attempt to delude us...


"A 93 year old Ohio woman was seized this morning after an anonymous tip alerted police to the possibility that she was in possession of as many as two marijuana seeds. A multi-level operation involving the DEA, federal customs agents and a paramilitary citizens' organization successfully apprehended Ms. Violet Scubbs after a 45 second standoff. Scubbs is being held in a maximum security facility just outside of Akron, Ohio. Officials have confiscated her property, consisting mainly of bric-a-brac and needlepoint items…" [voice fades…]

Zero toleration is bringing us to the brink
We're heading for disaster so who's got time to think
about why we let a zero become the president
who's gonna leave us wondering where all our freedom went
Maybe somebody ought to fire the boss
before our privacy's a total loss
He's searching and sniffing says there's crack everywhere
if there's a crack in your butt he just might give you the chair

Russia's getting softer...that's what the papers say
but the papers never tell us we're meeting the Reds half way
our own power structure is watching us real close
gonna make sure no one suffers from a freedom overdose

They tell us drugs are our greatest fear
while they rake in taxes on cigarettes and beer
Ain't it funny how the rules get soft
when the zeroes decide how they wanna get off

Zero toleration that's where it all begins
when two zeroes run for office one zero's bound to win
the faces keep on changing but the problem stays the same
there's always one more zero telling us how to play the game

Politicians love to keep us deaf dumb and blind
with all these phony issues they cram in our minds
the planet is dying while they're busy as bees
bringing Lady Liberty right down to her knees

"The president today awarded little Thais Renfro the first ever Watchdog Award for her role in the arrest and conviction of her mom, dad and two older brothers on drug charges. The ceremony was marred briefly by an emotional outburst from Thais, who tearfully cried "I don't have a daddy anymore!". The Chief Executive was able to save the moment by explaining to her that she could write to her family as often as she wanted, and could visit them at least twice a year. Thais is currently living in a state-run home. Anyone interested in adopting this brave little girl..." [fade to oblivion]